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Charter An Air Ambulance

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Charter a Private Helicopter from Point to Point

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Air ambulance is a fast and reliable method of transportation for emergencies.

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Air ambulances, which rush to help when the value of life cannot be measured in seconds, offers a safe and fast transportation opportunity for emergencies.

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Medical team for primary medical transfers.

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Private flights under the supervision of the medical team are vital for the safe and secure transport of the patient.

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Private ambulance aircraft equipped with medical equipment.

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In addition to adult patients, pediatric and newborns, geriatric and bariatric people can also benefit from air ambulances, all of which have intensive care support units.

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Helicopter transfer to or from private plane.

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Thanks to the flights carried out under the supervision of an experienced medical team, the patient can be safely and safely transferred from bed to bed or from an ambulance plane to a private plane.