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If you haven’t made a travel plan yet, we have prepared a list that can help you.

With this series of special travel destinations that we have chosen as a result of various research, you will be able to visit the most popular countries and experience a different and fun journey. Let’s start with Lisbon – ‘The City of Seven Hills’.

Also known as ‘City of Seven Hills’ or ‘Cidade das Sete Colinas’ Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and it is Europe’s most colorful and one of the most popular tourism centers.

In addition to the colorfulness of a port city; Lisbon, which has become the meeting point of different cultures with its young population, provides an unforgettable travel experience with its fascinating atmosphere.

This city, which you can visit in any season in Europe, fascinates travelers with its streets adorned with palm trees, luxury accommodation options, and vibrant nightlife.

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