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Questions and Answers

Updated Date: February 18, 2022

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Questions and Answers

What is Private Jet Charter?

Private jet charter or charter; is a personalized and privileged flight service for those who want to have a fast, comfortable and safe journey.

What are the Advantages of Private Jet Charter?

Private jet charter provides you with maximum flexibility and time savings.

You decide the airport you plan to go to and the flight time in accordance with your schedule. In this way, you will not waste time with connecting flights encountered in scheduled flights, and you can reach your desired destination on time without getting stuck with complicated flight procedures.

You will experience a flight of luxury and high standards.

Private jet charter service offers a personalized travel experience performed at high standards. All details of your flight are planned with great devotion by Mira Aviation’s experienced travel consultants, in accordance with your needs, within full confidentiality and security measures.

Thanks to professional cabin services, luxury specialties from the world’s leading cuisines, in-flight multimedia resources, fully equipped bedrooms and bathrooms with showers, you can spend your valuable time with pleasure and comfort, with the efficiency you want.

Who Can Benefit From Private Jet Charter?

Everyone can benefit from private jet charter service. It is especially preferred by individuals and institutions who want to save time and make it a priority to avoid the stress caused by the intense tempo of airports and long security queues.

In Which Situations Is Private Jet Charter Preferred?

Private jets, which are one of the fastest means of transportation today, are mostly preferred in some cases.

Business Travels

Private jet charter service allows you to relieve your busy schedule, save time and have flight flexibility that fits your schedule. It is the perfect solution to reach meetings anywhere in the world on time, to make multiple site visits in the same day, and most importantly to be 100% productive in privacy during the flight.

Fairs, Organizations and Events

By using Mira Aviation private jet charter service, you can participate in sports events, tournaments, sectoral fairs and cultural events around the world.

Vacations and Touristic Trips

Today, private jets have become one of the indispensable means of transportation for holidays or touristic trips. You can have a perfect experience thanks to the private plane charter service that offers full privacy and high comfort during the flight.

Special days

It is possible to make your special days unforgettable with the jet charter service that you can use for many purposes such as celebrations, meeting with friends, marriage proposal.

How Does the Private Jet Charter Process Work?

You can start the private jet charter process quickly by filling out the online flight plan or by calling +90 312 911 1538 .

In line with Mira Aviation private aircraft charter services; The flight plan is created based on the route to be taken, the number of people and your requirements. At this stage, payment options are determined. Following the selection of the most suitable aircraft for your request and the signing of the Aircraft Charter Agreement, some critical arrangements for the operation such as ground handling, landing, airport PPR and Slot permits and legal requirements should be completed. This process is meticulously followed and finalized by the professional flight crew who are experts in their field.

All special flight operations of Mira Aviation are carried out within high security standards. Mira Aviation provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with special aviation solutions in cases such as last minute changes, delays and cancellations.

Which Documents Are Required From Private Jet Passengers?

ID is sufficient for domestic flights operated by private jet. For your international travels, you must complete the visa procedures in advance and have your passport with you.

In some cases, residence and work permit, PCR, etc., according to the procedures of the destination country. For some health tests, a special form such as PLF (Passenger Locator Form) may be requested.

Are There Any Baggage Restrictions on Private Jets?

You don’t have to worry about your belongings, luggage and many other materials as well as your pets.

However, aircraft types comparable in size may differ in their luggage capacity. Mira Aviation; It has a wide service network on a global scale that can respond to your requests for chartering many different types of private jets or planes for short, medium, long and ultra long range flights.

Mira Aviation’s professional team, which is expert in its field, allows you to provide the most suitable aircraft for your demands and needs. In this way, you can travel with your pets, who have the same comfort as you, and you can access your luggage during the flight, depending on the aircraft type.

What is the Cost of Private Jet Charter?

Today, private jet chartering has ceased to be a hard-to-reach travel service, contrary to popular opinion. Therefore, anyone who wants to experience a fast, safe and comfortable flight can charter a private aircraft.

Private jet flights are usually offered in packages. Pricing is based on the hourly rate of the aircraft. The flight time is the main determinant of the private jet charter fee, but there are many parameters such as airport fees, hotel expenses in case of accommodation of the flight crew, jet fuel prices calculated over the current exchange rate, the distance of the plane from the departure point and accordingly the positioning fee. In addition, in-flight special treats, internet use, VIP lounges and specific requirements are subject to extra charges.

For this reason, hourly jet rental fees given in some sources have no validity. In order for the aircraft rental process to be carried out correctly, a special price study should be made for your flight within the information you provide.

Can Private Jets Be Chartered at Affordable Prices?

It is possible to reduce costs and have an affordable flight in aircraft rental services. For this, you can share the empty seats on the plane with other passengers traveling to the same destination as you. In this way, you will save close to 75% and reduce your flight cost.

Mira Aviation has a wide net of empty legs that you can match with your private jet charter requests. Thanks to this, you can rent a private jet at much more affordable prices depending on the availability to the desired destination.

To be informed about empty legs, you can subscribe to Mira Aviation’s e-mail list or call +90 312 911 1538 for information about empty legs flights suitable for your schedule.

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