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Enjoy a Luxurious Meal in the Sky

Wherever you fly, how about meeting the exquisite tastes of world cuisine? As Mira Aviation, we continue to turn your every flight into a special experience. We pay attention to every detail in order to ensure that your travel is more comfortable and enjoyable, and we carry world cuisine to the sky with our in-flight treats.

Illimitable Presentations

We offer a high standard dining experience that does not compromise on quality on all your private flights, whether long or short-term. Our options may vary depending on the type of aircraft you prefer and your flight duration. However, in any case, we bring you luxury specialties from the world’s leading cuisines in line with your personal demands. We can even provide a variety of concepts that are meticulously tailored to your needs if you let us know about your dietary restrictions, gluten, and food allergies in advance. Thanks to our collaboration with DO&CO, the sky knows no bounds, with exquisite food and beverages inspired by global destinations.

Pleasant Times

We know that sometimes you do not have enough time to decide on your meals in advance due to your busy schedule. For this reason, we have diversified most of our private jet menus to appeal to all kinds of tastes and dietary habits. We double the pleasure of your trip with rich snacks, carefully prepared various drinks, and delicious desserts.

Extraordinary Presentations

In the magical atmosphere of the sky, we organize various special days such as anniversaries, marriage proposals, and birthdays. We are planning delicious flavors for you, from carefully prepared birthday cakes to colorful flower arrangements, from prestigious champagnes to sophisticated presentations. We are hosting wonderful times with our organizations carried out by our experienced flight crew with precision and pleasure.