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If you haven’t made a travel plan yet, we have prepared a list that can help you.

With these special travel destination series, you will be able to visit the most popular countries and experience a different and enjoyable journey. Let’s continue with Havana, our fourth choice, ‘The City of Columns’.

The legendary capital of Cuba, ‘The City of Columns’, Havana shines like a star among popular travel routes. According to a legend; When Christopher Columbus first saw Cuba in 1492, she said, “The most beautiful land the human eye has ever seen.”

With its smoky bars, lively and colorful streets, and music, the city has an undeniable charm and it should be noted that the spirit that engulfs you has lasting effects on its visitors.

With its friendly warm people and stunning architecture, Havana visibly breathes and draws you into those fascinating art-deco structures, allowing you to look at the city’s eclectic heritage from a cultural perspective.

Unpredictable crazy nightlife and a glass in your hand; Just walking and watching the sunset from the tops of the houses and its shine turns into an indescribable pleasure.

If you’re looking for a unique city and the history that lives with it to be remembered, Havana is the destination for you.

Mira Suggests

  • Must see: Plaza de la Revolución
  • Shopping Spot: Manzana de Gomez
  • Cultural Activity: Revolution Museum
  • Where to Eat: La Guarida
  • Where to stay: Hotel Saratoga
  • Bonus: Viñales Valley, Cuba is not a bad activity to visit where tobacco is made with the view of the unique limestone hills called mogot!