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Paris, FR
Departure: Paris

The capital of art and romance, Paris is among the most popular cities in the world with its shining silhouette. The city was founded on the banks of the Seine River. The city is surrounded by Île de la Cité and St. Louis Islands and is home to many wonders of the world, such as the Place de la Bastille, the symbol of the French Revolution, the iconic Eiffel Tower, the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral, the unique Louvre and the Orsay Museum.

In Paris, known as the “City of Light” (Ville Lumière), culture and aesthetics embrace history. It is possible to encounter many events and festivals throughout the year. Paris Air Show, Paris Fashion Week, Belly Dancing Festival and Paris Marathon are just a few of them. In the metropolis of fashion and luxury, many points such as Champs Elysées Street, Moulin Rouge, Galeries Lafayette invite their visitors to a magical atmosphere with stylish nightclubs, world-famous brands and shopping opportunities. Paris is worth a visit with its elegant architecture, extraordinary parks and gardens, and orderly urban planning.

Known for fashion, science, art, finance and commerce, Paris is the perfect destination for those who want to charter a private jet! With Mira Aviation, you can travel quickly, safely and comfortably without being stuck with procedures. Reach out to Mira’s professional team to experience a luxurious flight.

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