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Saint Martin, FR
Departure: Saint Martin

St. Martin Island is one of the popular islands of the Caribbean. Administered jointly by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and France, St. Martin is considered a touristic paradise with its magnificent beaches, tropical forests and vibrant nightlife. But for many, a trip to St. Martin Island means a long boat ride or flights with stopovers. So booking a private jet to get St. Martin allows you to travel the city on your own time.

With its charming atmosphere, St. Martin Island is known for its white sandy beaches, beach parties and fun nightlife. The flora at Loterie Farm in St. Maarten is a frequent destination for visitors. Located in the countryside of Picdu Paradis, this place takes its visitors on a tropical adventure with its paranomic landscape and paths full of monkeys, parrots and mongooses.

Marigot in France and Front Street in the Netherlands, with its luxury shopping and accommodation facilities, are home to fashion houses, antique shops and art galleries.

With Mira Aviation private jet charter service, you can charter a private jet to St. Martin and start exploring the Caribbean Islands.

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