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In today’s world, chartering a private jet is not a dream anymore!

Private jets are always associated with luxury and they offer a fast, safe and comfortable journey for anyone. Consequently, 2024 charter flight prices continue to be a large matter of curiosity.

Trending Topic of the Past Year: Chartering a Private Jet!

As of 2023, booking a private jet is far from being an inaccessible travel method, contrary to popular belief. Private jets are widely more preferred, as traveling habits are changing especially with ongoing effects of the pandemic.

Private jet charter service, used frequently by individuals and institutions who want to save time and avoid the intense tempo of airports as well as long security queues, is primarily preferred in 2024 due to the security, privacy and comfort it offers.

How Does Chartering a Private Jet Process Operate?

Mira Aviation offers a wide global service network that can meet many different types of charter demands for short, medium, long and ultra-long range flights. Your aircraft charter process starts with a flight plan prepared depending on your route, number of people travelling and your needs on board. After the payment options are determined, the aircraft type that best suits your request is selected and the Aircraft Charter Agreement is signed. After this stage, some critical regulations and legal requirements for the operation, such as ground handling, landing, airport PPR and obtaining Slot permits, are carried out by Mira Aviation’s experienced team who are experts in their field.

How Are the Prices of Charter Flights Determined?

Two main headings are taken into consideration while determining the prices of charter flights: fixed and variable costs. Fixed costs include cost items such as aircraft depreciation, maintenance, accommodation, operation and crew expenses. Variable costs on the other hand, include costs such as fuel, airport handling fees, crew accommodation costs, catering fees, Overflight fees of the countries passed through, de-icing and anti-icing fees that must be borne depending on weather conditions.

All these cost items are aggregated under the heading of “hourly fee” for each preferred aircraft type. For this reason, even though the aircraft type might be the same, the hourly price of each flight with the same aircraft may differ.

What Are The Factors That Determine Private Jet Charter Prices?

Prices for private jet flights are usually offered to end users as a package and cover fixed and variable costs that ultimately determine the price for the flight.

Prices for private flights are calculated based on the hourly rate of the aircraft. Therefore, the main determinant for the flight price is the duration of the flight.

Is it Possible to Charter a Private Jet With Advantageous Prices?

It is possible to decrease the costs and fly with a private jet at affordable prices! You can share the seats you do not need with other passengers who want to go to the same destination as you do and reduce the costs you have to bear individually.

For more information about empty legs, please click on the link below.

What is the Cost of Having a High Standard Flight Experience in 2024?

Mira Aviation, which has been operational since 2015 with more than 20 years of industry experience of the founders, was established with the perception that its most valuable asset is trust. In this regard, we have adopted the principle of providing a customer-oriented, transparent and versatile service.

However, today it is not possible to share precise information about private jet charter prices, which are constantly changing due to exchange rate fluctuations. You can reach out to our professional travel consultants in order to get information about the current private jet charter prices that best suit your travel requests.

You can easily initiate the private jet charter process by filling out the online flight request form on our website or by calling +90 312 911 1538.