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In today’s world, a private jet charter is no longer a dream. Private jets, which are often thought to be inaccessible due to their high costs, offer an advantageous way of comfortable and luxurious travel thanks to the empty legs.

It is possible to save on cost with the Mira Jet Charter!

In the rest of our post, you can access the details of when, where, and how you can access the empty leg’s benefits.

What Is Empty Leg?

Empty legs are flights by private jets without passengers from one destination to another. They usually occur when a private jet is booked as one-way.

Therefore, it is not possible to access flight details of empty legs until a few days before departure. The reason for this is that private jet charter processes are completed in a very short time.

Why Are Empty Legs Advantageous?

Chartering a private jet is a personalized flight that offers maximum flexibility. However, empty-leg flights operated on predetermined schedules and they do not have enough flexibility. Under these conditions, the flight becomes advantageous in terms of cost.

How to Calculate Empty Leg Costs

Empty-leg flights have discounts of up to 75% over standard charter prices. In addition to factors such as flight time, aircraft type, and the number of passengers, exact prices may vary depending on the flight route and operators.

What’s the Difference Between Empty Leg Flights and Private Jet Charter?

The most important difference between the empty leg and standard private jet charter service is flexibility.

In a standard private jet charter, you can create your own schedule and terms by choosing the most suitable options. However, there is no unlimited flexibility in empty leg flights. As with scheduled flights, you must adapt to the predetermined aircraft type, flight route, departure time, and day.

There is no difference in terms of flight experience. Both private jet charter options offer a comfortable and luxurious journey of high standards.

Is Empty Legs Always a Right Option?

Empty leg flights often start to make sense when your schedule is flexible.

It may not be the right choice for busy professionals who want to save time. But if your plans are flexible, an empty leg will be the right choice for you.

Where Can I Find the Most Affordable Empty Leg Deals?

Mira Aviation allows you to be informed about the most suitable empty legs for your schedule.

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